September 2020

May to September

by Iain Grant

This year, as we all know, has been very strange. As a result of COVID, we did not go to the site at all in the early part of the year. First dive was the 2nd of August with four of us onboard, under the power of our new outboard, which was funded by Dave Johnston, supplied & fitted by Adrian Cronk Marine.

Small artefacts were recovered and some major seabed changes noted. Surprise! Another new area of the site opened up due to migration of sand, revealing a scatter of artefacts from copper cauldrons to iron shot. Dan worked his magic with some good photogrammetry in top to bottom vis, which we are linking into existing imagery taken in the same area last year.

Five visits to the site up to the end of September, then winds of force 7 from SW, loads of rain and coffee coloured water ………… hey ho.