First dive of 2019

by Iain Grant

19th April.

First dive of the season, all the team assembled at base by 9am.


We finished loading gear on the rib, I took trailer with the site buoy & new chain to the slipway & returned for the rib.


Everything went like clockwork, launched & out to the site by 10am, Dan & Rodrigo went in first, the aim was to locate the sinker for the site buoy, almost an hour of circular searching in very grainy 1.5metre vis did not locate the sinker, however they did find a large metal object, origin or purpose unknown, although nothing to do with Hazardous, it may have origins from wartime activity in the bay, or it may be part of some lost fishing gear from the past, it has certainly not been seen in 35 years diving in & around the site, further examination in better vis may give us a better idea of its purpose.

Further circular searches were carried out by team members at another mark, but again unsuccessful, further searching will be carried out tomorrow after the frame section has been placed on site.

20th April.

Another good day flat sea, wall to wall sunshine, on site by 10:05 am, the excavation frame was lowered to the seabed where April & Giles erected it in position, in the same 1.5m vis as yesterday.


Further searches for the buoy sinker were unsuccessful, so next visit to site, we will have another go!


A search of the site did not produce any artefacts, although there is some seabed movement.