Frame Recovery

By Iain Grant.

9 October 2016

We had to launch from Itchenor today, because the council operated tractor at Bracklesham has been put away for the winter & the access gate to the public slipway has been locked!

Anyway with light northerly winds we set off, not expecting much in the way of underwater visibility, in the event the excavation frame was dismantled & recovered in a murky two metres vis, Dan even managed some good video on site for comparison purposes.

After a short recreational dive on the fossil beds, we headed back to Itchenor & home to wash gear & rib, all in all we achieved the main objective, getting back just before sunset.

firstBracklesham Sunset by Dave Johnston.

Will this be the last dive for the year?

Looking back at artefacts recovered this year, we have been debating the age of the ruler hinge recovered earlier in the season.


Not much to go on, although the numbers insized into the metal looked similar to those on navigational equipment found on the wreck in the past, also the longitudinal lines cut into the metal & running along the wooden part have smaller numbers associated with them, so not a modern (before plastic) carpenters rule!

However skimming through the 2015 edition of The First Invincible by John Bingeman, what do I find on page 118?

Images & an explanation of a “Sector Rule” which fits very well with what we have I believe, so another first for Hazardous, what next I wonder?

Images by Dave Johnston & Iain Grant.