Drawing axles

By Iain Grant

With the poor weather so far this season, high south westerly winds seem to prevail at present, we have been unable to get out to the site very much as yet.
So some of the down time has been spent by various team members shore side carrying out the mundane but necessary work attached to looking after a protected wreck site, jobs like monitoring & changing the water in artefact storage tanks at the wet store (fig 1), keeping the glass in the display cabinets at Earnley free of greasy finger marks (a never ending job for Pete & Jim) collating & adding information to 3H’s Site Recorder program & of coarse paper work, general record keeping, emails, artefact drawing (fig2)……the list is endless, topped off by an excavation license application which seems to go on & on with seemingly more & more questions from the powers that be.

When that finally gets sorted, there will be the Marine Management Organization (MMO) license application to deal with! These days it seems you have to have a license from one government body to operate a license issued by another government body!
One hopes we will get to recover the information & at risk artefacts still on site, before the remains of the wreck are finally spread all over the eastern Solent!