Visit to the site & other things

By Iain Grant

It has not been a brilliant season so far this year, we seem to have had predominantly south westerly winds sometimes up to force 8!

In desperation two weeks ago we went out to the site, spring tides, south westerly 3 to 5 forecast, we should have known better after all these years launching and diving from Bracklesham!

Outcome: two and a half hours sitting off the slipway waiting for the tide to drop back off the shingle. We still had a very long and uncomfortable voyage back to Itchenor to recover the rib. Hey ho, we live but we don’t always learn! Still no one hurt & nothing broken.

On the few visits to site we have had, a number of artefacts have been recovered, a very flat pewter plate, a pewter spoon with RB incised on the rear of the handle (could have belonged to the captain of Hazardous), a pulley block & a brass tunic button with many more to come.



16th July.
Today I had the pleasure of visiting Sidlesham Primary School to give a talk to a class of seven year olds about the history of the wreck, local fish, fossils and diving. I must say I was a little worried about keeping them interested, however, Mrs. Connor and her “Meerkats” were marvelous, lots of serious questions were fired at me at the end. I hope I measured up to their expectations!