Attempted site visit

By Ian Grant

12th April 2015.

After two attempts to organize a visit to site, as we thought for an early start this year, the weather has conspired against us again this weekend, force 4 to 5 from the southwest is not ideal for safe launching & retrieving off our beach!

I was informed that the underwater vis further down the Solent was about 3metres, so if we could have got out, it may have been good enough to check the site to see if any more of it has uncovered over winter, we may have even more iron guns on site than the additional ten uncovered last season!


Dave applying the vinyl lettering to the buoy.

So in view of the weather conditions, the day was spent attaching the replacement lettering to the site buoy, removing the damaged centre tube in readiness for the replacement & programming the GPS unit on the rib, with all the anomalies identified on the site side scan & multi-beam  surveys.

These surveys were commissioned by English Heritage & carried out by Wessex Archaeology last year, unfortunately weather & vis was against us then as well, so we were unable to make full use of the information, however we are hoping for a better season this year, with more to talk about in the near future………