Damage report

By Iain Grant

15th January 2015.

Peter Jolly phoned me this morning to report that the site marker buoy was ashore at the bottom of Kimbridge road. We arranged to recovery it late morning, shortly after I received a call from the Parish Council clerk to say she had received an email from a local person, saying that they had discovered the buoy on the high tide line, she also notified E.H.

When Peter & I went to the area, we found one of the District Council beach patrol personnel attempting to recover the buoy to safety. On inspection the buoy appeared to be undamaged, however the joining shackle used to join the down chain to the heavy duty ground chain was still present but the pin was missing, we must assume this came loose in the heavy weather we have been having over the last few weeks.

The chain is badly worn in the middle of its length & will require replacement before returning to site, also the central steel tube of the buoy is somewhat “frayed” so will also require replacement if available.

It is hoped to be onsite late March/early April.