Flat calm weekend

By Andy Chater

Diver Observations.  14th May 2011. 

Another flat calm weekend with very little wind.

On our first dive the objective was to re locate a single iron cannon which was located slightly off the main site a few years ago when the area scoured out exposing large gullies. Unfortunately, a sweep search around the shot marker revealed only sand indicating a large rise in the seabed level since our previous visit.

The second dive was to locate the large spars and timbers located to the north of the main site (this area has scoured out over the last year as the main site has filled in). Landing on sand again I was concerned that the whole area had covered up, however a short search found the edge of the Sand ridge and the gullies with clay exposures that are full of fossil shells. Having located a large timber we secured the dive boat and did a visual survey of the area in order to get an overview of the exposed area. The light spars were located to the East of the start point with the sand to the south covering the end of the spar indicating a further movement of sand. The next timber to be located was the very large one which had two datums H11 and H13 tagged on it. Moving back to the west past the start point there were a number of small timbers and two large timbers, one of which was curved with hollows and iron pins in it sitting proud and the other partially buried.

During the third dive Dave and I measured in the main timbers, Triangulating their position in relation to each other and against the known datums H11 and H13. A further search of the area did not reveal any surface artifacts.

A large amount of Marine life was noted including Nudibranchs, Pipefish, Cuttlefish, Gobys, Wrasse and small shoals of Fry.